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January 7, 2013
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The building has a kindly old lady sitting at a desk at the entrance. A long hallway illuminated by high windows leads back, every four feet a different picture hangs.

Flara walks up to see Mochiko signing the guest book at the desk. Her curly hair'd friend reaches out, taking the cat girl's hand.

Flara smiles.

Hand in hand they head down to the first picture. It is a wooded area with two logs
cabins. The little plaque on the frame reads "Carbon town's first settlement."

"OH!" She turned and looked at her, just remembering something. "Hold still."

Flara blinks "Ok"

She murmurs something and a dark blue fog aperes in her hands, she drops the cold mist over Flara's head.

Flara blinks those big red eyes as the cool mist encircles her.

"There." Mochoko smiles proudly looking at her friend. "Let's hope it worked. " She takes her hand again. "Let's continue."

Flara looks at mochi "W-what did you just do?"

"Well it should make it so non magic users don't see anything magical. Namely
your ears and tail. I've only used it twice before so I hope I did it right ..."

Flara nods "O-ok" she smiles

She smiles back , hoping it worked.

As they walk the next dozen paintings show the town building up, ending with its current state.

Flara keeps looking fallowing, taking time to absorb each one before moving to the next. Mochiko has seen them all before, waiting for her friend to finish with each before moving along.

They reach the end of the hallway. To the right is a label reading "Mayor's desk. Town artifacts" To the right is a hall way labeled "History of out royalties. Hall of records."

Mochiko looks at her friend. "Which way?"

Flara blinks unsure. "Umm wherever you wanna go" She says with a small shrug.

"Well I've been here a hundred times. This is the town right next to mine so we visit often. Um...Well I guess we'll go this way, say hi to the mayor if he's in and double back to see the other way?"

She nods "Um ….ok." She bites her lip nervous what he'll think of her and hoping Mochiko's magic had worked. She'd hate him to see her rears and tails.

They start down the hallway. Unlike the first one lined with art this is covered in physical things like medals the town has won or the first mayor's bible and other stuff that would only hold significance to this small town.

Flara blinks amazed by it all.

Mochiko smiled, letting her take all the time in the world. She was glad Flara was enjoying her self.

Flara also smiles and walks with Mochi wherever she was heading

Mochiko knocks on the door, peeking her head in. "Hi mayor~!" She smiles.

Flara blinks and stays behind Mochiko.

The blonds face  falls. "Hum he's not here- Oh well … We might run into him sometime. Let's go look at the other hall way."

Flara nods "ok" she says and keeps fallowing Mochiko, not sure what else to do.

They back track down the hall they just went through than head down the right hall. "Guess we'll go see the hall of Nobility."

"Alright." Flara looks at all the pictures one by one. As they get closer to the current time some of them begin to take on a vaguely familiar feel although Mochiko can't quite place why their features seem so familiar now.

Flara really doesn't notice any similutaries as she fallows and looks.

Mochiko frowns, leaning close to one "Flara look at this woman's necklace!"

Flara blinks and looks at it. "It... looks just like mine."

"It does doesn't it?" She leaned close touching the painting.

Mochiko steps to the next painting , third to last queen. The woman is sitting in a chair, faceing into the fireplace. Of course it is probly the fire reflecting in her eyes buut the girl cant help but gasp, the long blond hair, the facial features, the red eyes- it all ties together to make an uncanny resemblance. She steps back silently letting Flara get a better look.

Flara looks at it amazed "she could be my mother" she says

Mochiko nods, moving to the next one, this one looking more like Flara only no red eyes this time, the plaque under it sending shivers down her back.

Flara comes up to Mochi and goes to read the plaque "Queen Melody Steel. Last in the steel lineage. She was murdered in cold blood when the Hayashi's attacked and seized control."

Flara looks at the picture "She really is pretty" She says looking at Queen Melody's picture.

She nods. "Sure is, looks just like you..." She cant help but add blushing.

Flara looks at mochi "you dont think... im related do you?"

"It... I mean.. Do you think this is why Father Crouton sent us here?"

Flara shrugs "I dunno" She says and keeps looking at the picture.

Mochiko shivered again as she moved to the last picture in the hall.

She looks at the picture of the current queen. Cold blue eyes, inhumanly beautiful and hair so black it seemed almost green at some points. This is the woman who killed Queen Steel, She remembered hearing about it from the priest and what's more; Belinda was her right hand. If she was after Flara it had to mean it was serious, didn't it?

"If you are related to the old queen we are all in bug trouble." She mumbled. She
knew how dangerous it could be to piss off the queen for any reason.

Flara blinks "W-what?"

Shelooked away. "The woman.. The one with the crazy hair... the one that did THAT to you." She motioned to the ears and tail. "She answers directly to the queen. If she some how knows who you are.. or .. " She shook her head. "She's dangerous. I .. my parent angered the queen once... Belinda burned them both alive."

Flara gulps and whimpers. Mochiko can't help but reach out , hugging her friend.

Flara blinks as shes hugged and hugs back "Maybe its best to try and stay hidden...." she says "I don't even know how to defend myself" she says her tail curling around mochi as she hugs

Mochiko swallows, not letting go. "Father Crouton has to have a plan." She  says, having full trust in the priest. "Let's get you back to the church though." She shivers suddenly feeling paranoid. It didn't feel safe to be in the middle of the town anymore.

Flara nods "ok" she says "Lets go !"

Mochiko finally lets go of her, taking her hand as they hurried to exit the building. She shivered. She could swear Queen Hayashi's portrait's eyes where fallowing her and she ended up fighting the urge to run to the exit.

Flara fallows just as fast as Mochico goes.

She doesn't slow down until they are outside. "Sorry." She mumbles, felling stupid for being so paranoid.

"It's ok" Says Flara as she keeps up. Out in the midday sun she feels safer but still holds onto her hand as they start back towards the building.

They are both silent, lost in thought as they walk back, the dog loyally walking alongside them.

Mochiko finally breaks the silence, squeezing Flara's hand as the church comes
in to sight. "We won't let her take you. You have strong magic."

Flara blinks sadly. "But I have no clue how to use it…." she says

"I'll teach you. The sister's can teach you, Father Crouton can as well; he's the one who taught me."

Flara nods "o-ok"

Mochiko smiles at her. "Now let's go in here and she what he has to say."

Her friend nods "alright" she smiles some heading into the old stone church.
Rp between me and ~inufull09 . Flara is her oc , Mochi is mine :>

Ch. 1 [link]
Ch. 2 [link]
Ch. 4 [link]

:> If you fave or leave a positive comment I will tell you when the next chapter is up~
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