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November 13, 2012
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Flara pants as she runs through the forest as fast as she can. She keeps crying as she unwarily runs into a magical place of the forest before tripping and falling to the ground knocked out almost instantly.

Mochiko, a girl with curly blond hair, grey eyes and freckles dotting her body was walking her beagle, Shadow outside when it bolted- taking off after a rabbit."Oh no!!" She chased after him- calling his name as he ran into the woods. It didn't stop until with a little yipe it came to a halt, staring at a body on the ground. "Ohmygoodness! A dead girl!" Mochiko gasped.

An attractive young woman was sprawled out among the moss and rotting leaves, blood dried on a cut on her fore head and blond hair spread about her in a halo.

raind starts to fall, landing on the still form. The beautiful woman groans some, her head throbbing. She doesn't really move, just stays still, lieing there as conciseness returns to her.

"Oh! She's alive!" Mochi sighs, creeping closer , touching her shoulder. "Ma'am?"

Flara jolts up and tries to back away "I'm not a witch! Don't kill me!" She screams in fear.

"I'm not gonna hurt you." Mochiko looks at her, unable to look away from her unique eyes. "Are you ok?"

Flara looks up, crimson and gold eyes meating hers. She's so frightened she's shaking  "Y-yea... I'm fine"

"Good. I was afraid you where dead."  She extends a hand. "I'm Mochiko by the way."

"I-I'm flara" she says looking at her.

Mochiko grabs her hand , making the other blond blush.

"Come with me." She dosen't wait for an answer before pulling her to her feet. "It's starting to rain. "

Flara blinks at the girl but decides to fallow her.

Mochiko leads her expertly through the woods to the back of an old stone church, opening the door and letting her doggie in before going in herself.

Flara goes in as well shakeing. It's partly still fear but the also cold and wet is also having it's effects.

Mochi shivers heading down twords the basement. She grabs three towels from the closet and smiles. "Here. Get out of those clothes and dry your self off."

Flara blushes some. "O-oh um...o-ok" She says and strips down.

Mochi does the same drying first herself than her puppy. She goes to her dresser pulling out two nightgowns, being sure not to look. "Here " She holds out one behind her in the general direction of the red eye'd girl's voice. "For you."

"Thanks" Flara quickly takes and puts the garment on.

Once they are both dressed Mochiko smiles at turns to look at her. "So...where you lost?"

"No... I was running..." Flara  says, voice low.

"What from?"

"The villagers..."

"In this village?"

"Depends.. Where are we?"

"Were in Niacin."

Flara blinks "I've never herd of this village before."

"Well good - hopefully these people won't chase you. " The girl looks at her. "What did you do? You're not a murderer are you?"

"No no... I was accused of being a witch... because of my eyes"

"Oh." Mochiko leans close getting a good look at them. They are the color of a fire burning at its heart.

Flara blinks with a slight blush at the attention.

Mochiko smiles at her. "They're beautiful." She says earnestly.

She blushes dark now "Thank you." she says smiling back at her.

"Are you hurt at all?" She asks, looking at her.

"I guess... my head really hurts and so does my back"

She strokes her hair, brushing it back from her face. "You should sleep- You'll feel better in the morning." She is walking backwards as she talks, leading her to a cotton stuffed bed with down pillows and two quilts.

Flara keeps blushing "O-ok" she says as her hair is stroked.

The currly haired girl climbs in bed, scooting as close to the wall as she can. "I can share- if your ok with Shadow. He sleeps in here too."

Flara blinks blushing even darker red. "s-sure" She says and gets into the bed.

Mochiko closes her eyes, settling down into the warm bed. The dog climbs up, curling between them.

Flara dosn't understand why she feels so comfortable around them but pushes the thought aside as she goes to sleep.

Late in the night noises can be heard upstairs.

Flara wakes almost instantly, being the  light sleeper she is. "Hmm?"

Mochico however is not. She is still soundly asleep.

Upstairs there is shouting and explosions. A man's voice is arguing with a woman's.

Flara gulps and, unable to contain her curiosity, heads up there.

Flara's eyes widen "Oh my!" She gulps and stays hidden, opening the door a slight bit and looking through.

An elderly man is fighting with a middle ages woman. The man's cassock and demeanor clearly label him the priest of this parish. The woman is pale as the moon anger written both across her face and her words as she waves her hand sending red sparks at him, scorching the floor around him. It would have hit him too if not he raised his hand speaking some strange language and a blue bubble surrounded him.

The wild haired woman sends out more lights- these lime are green which the priest deflects in a hurry, already sweating and panting. It is clear he can't take much more. One arc- turned an off color by his shield bounces away, heading straight for Flara.

Flara yelps as she's hit with the blast and tossed backwards down the stairway..

Mochiko wakes up from all the commotion "S-sorry." She stammers- jumping over Flara to bolt up the steps, sending out a  flash of yellow as she steps out of sight to meet the group.

Fara groans as she lays on the floor holding herself crying from pain. What ever spell had been tossed at her is trying to take effect and she grits her teeth, fighting it.

There is a lot of commotion upstairs , noises and cries from all three involved until finally.... silence falls.

Flara blinks, her pain subsiding some as she gulps and goes slowly up the stairs again,trying not to fall over.

The woman is gone and Mochiko is kneeling over the priest, tears falling from her eyes. Both her hands are about two inches from him and a pink glow is rolling over his body in waves.

Fara blinks looking "W-what happened?" She ask then cringes as her body gets weak – speaking seeming to have used up the last of her strength. She falls to her knees

Mochiko doesn't answer, all her focus is on the man. He's not moving - not breathing at all.

Flara just stays quite , refocusing until the pain shooting up her spine and circling her head subsides again.

Mochiko cries harder. Nothing is happening. Her healing is having no effect.

Flara crawls up to her and looks at the man.

He isn't moving.

"S-she m-m-must have used a ki-killing spell" Mochiko sobs, laying down atop the elderly man, still bathing him in pink.

"Spell..." she gulps and looks at Mochiko. "How can I help?" she ask.

"I don't know." She whimpers. "M-My magic's not strong enough to break h-hers."

Flara looks at mochiko and gulps. Her new friend likes the man apparently but she was using what little magic she knew to stop the spell that hit her from working.  She sighs and puts her hands over Mochiko's "This doesn't mean I'm a witch" Flara says and concentrates amplifying Mochiko's spell with her magic.

There is a bright surge of pink and they are both thrown back.

Flara yelps, more or less scared from the pink surge and just lays where she lands.

The man sits up and Mochiko  throws her self twords him and hugs him tight. "Your alive, your alive." She repeats hugging him for all she was worth before turning to Flara. "You saved him!" She squeezes her tight.

Flara nearly screams as shes hugged her body glowing now as she squirms, all her defenses against the spell worn away with that gift of energy.

Mochiko lets go. "Oh! I'm sorry - That's right you fell down the stairs - are you hurt?!" She feels ashamed it took her so long to realize this.

Flara nods "I-I got blasted by something…" She says as two new ears flick out on her head

Mochko blinks. She hadn't seen that before. Her hands glow orange and she reaches out, trying to push them back into the woman's head only to be thrown backwards, wincing.

"You've got such strong magic" She gasps out, tears springing once again to her eyes, this time from the pain in her palms at the heat being generated by Flara fighting the bad witch's spell.

Flara blinks "W-whats going on? and... I don't have strong magic..." She says before wincing in pain again, a healthy, fluffy tail springing from her spine.

"You do." She held out the burnt palms of her hands. "What's happening?" She looks to teh priest.

The old man speaks up "Use a reversing spell! She must have tried to change you into an animal!"

Flara groans and wraps her arms around her stomach "I feel so sick" she collapses to the ground and curls up there shaking.

"I'm too weak." He pants. "Mochi- halt it until she can get .. control and stop it."

The girl nods sending out familiar pink waves to engulf her.

Flara sighs as the pain fades "Mmm... that's nice...."

"Don't get too comfortable. You have to fight it off or you'll turn completely into an animal!" The priest warns.

Flara gulps upon hearing that.

"I'm hold it off but I can't forever. Know any halting spells?" The curly haired girl asks.

"No..."She whimpers "I don't wanna be an animal" Her voice makes it obvious she's scared.

"Can you feel her magic in you?" The old man asked. "The old woman's not Mochi's." He clarifies.

Flara blinks and nods "Y-yea. I think so."

"Focus on it and push it out."

Flara sighs and concentrates on doing so.

Mochiko keeps the pink glow going but she is starting to sweat. She was trying hard as she could to help the priest and now this too. She wasn't sure how long she could hold it.

Flara looks back at the man "I dont feel the magic anymore."

He shook his head. "I didn't see it leave. It's trying to trick you."

She goes back to concentrating, her new fox ears twitching as she tries.

They both watch, soon there's a big flash; the magic being expelled, still leaving behind the tail and ears but at least she won't get worse.

Father Croton nods and Mochi drops the barrier at that, sagging to the ground, exhausted.

Flara collapses as well, having used more magic in the few short minutes than in most of her life. She just lays there sleeping, curled up in her new tail.

The old man sighs, forcing himself to his feet, scooting three meters over to sit by the both of them. "Mochiko... pack what we need and get... the horse from the barn - We have to leave "

The girl just nods, too winded to speak and steps slowly and weakly first downstairs filling a duffel bag with two clean dresses and some panties before coming back up, grabbing the money from under a floor board and heading outside. In a minute she comes back with two horses, one jet black the other a paint splattered ginger.

The old man gently prods the mutated girl.

Flara groans, opening her fire red eyes and looking up at him. She groans and tries getting up.

"I know you are exhausted young one but you must get up. She will return and ..." He winces , standing again. "It'd be in our best interest none of us where here. "

Flara nods and gets up groaning, still very sore.

"We need to get to the next church. We should be safe there."

Flara nods "O-ok"

Mochiko frowns looking at the man who so narrowly escaped death. "It's about and hour's ride. .. You sure your up to it Father Crouton?" Her grey eyes look up at him with worry.

Flara looks at the man as well. "You do look very pale." She states.

He coughs but nods. "We have to all go. It's not an option. "

Flara nods to him "O-o-ok" she says and tries to help him.

Mochiko takes the other side, both girls helping him up onto the horse. The horse is pitch black with large brown eyes and a gentle face.  Mochiko hands him a length or rope which he ties around himself and the horses neck just in case.

Mochi climbs weakly up onto hers, holding out a hand for Flara. "Front or back?"

"Back." she says and takes her hand.

She pulls, trying to help her up but she's weak but between the two of them Flara still manages to get onto the horse.

She ties rope around both them as well and they set off, her dog trotting behind them.

They are quiet as they ride, too tiered for much conversing. It is Flara who breaks the silence twenty minutes in, holding on to the girl in front of her. "I'm...a freak now..." She says her ears folding flat.

"Yes you are." Mchiko doesn't feel like mincing words. She just looks back at her, sagging against the horses neck. "Hopefully they can fix you here."

She sighs and holds onto her tightly, her ears flicking as her tail goes and curls around the other girl's midsection.

Mochiko pets it , trying to comfort her a little.


The old man is heavily coffing. They are over half the way there now.

Flara purrs to the petting and snuggles closer to the girls back.

Mochi eventually stops petting , too tired. As they come upon the huge church dawn is breaking.

Flara is extreemly sleepy at that time as well, barely keeping her eyes open.

Flara blinks at Mochi and nuzzles her back "Are we there?"

"Ye-yea.", As she says this two nuns come out. "Oh dear what happened?! " They both run over to the old man who looks like he'll pass out at any second.

Flara blinks and looks up at them.

Father Crouton doesn't even have the strength to climb of his horse. One of them "Tisks" and with a wave of her hand unties the rope the two of them levitating him inside. Mochi reaches down, fingers clumsy as she tries to untie her and Flara.

Finally shegets it , ridding over to the priest's horse and trotting towards the barn. "I'm getting off." She warns.

Flara nods "Ok"

Mochiko slides off, nearly falling before finding her footing.  She moves the large black horse into a stall before leading the red and white one into one of the stall next to him. She reaches out to help Flara down.

Flara hops down, surprisingly effortlessly. "This is weird" She says, tail seeming to instinctively know how to move to increase her balance.

Mochiko nods, sagging into the clean hay. She's exhausted and, for now they are safe. Here's as good as any place to rest.

Flara lays down with her and snuggles "Thank you for helping me"

"Likewise." She nods, already drifting off. Flara drifts off as well, snuggling happily to Mochi. Her new tail curls up around both of them keeping them warm. Mochiko sighs, burrowing closer to the girl.

At the barns door her dog, which had loyally followed them the whole ride keeps watch, just in case.
Rp between me and ~inufull09 . Flara is her oc , Mochi is mine :>

Ch. 2 [link]
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Very nice writing, keep it up! :D
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